Let us

                      tell your story

             through the magic of

       shadow puppets....

LATEST NEWSHuge thanks to the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Puppet Centre Trust for choosing Martin and me as the puppeteers/creators for their week-long residency at the magnificent V&A to develop a puppet show and workshop based on the V&A’s puppet collection and Shakespeare’s works. It was an absolute blast! For more information on the project, click above on “Latest Productions”.

NEXT UP:  So thrilled to have been selected for the master class in Directing for Puppetry on 20 June 2013; expecting even more magic coming to the stage soon....

Also, we will be providing a performance and workshop for all ages at the:

                        Soho Village Fete

            St. Anne’s Garden, Wardour Street

                   1pm, Sunday, 7 July 2013 

Free, and loads of fun, so come one, come all!


                                                        * * * * * * * * * * * *




                   * * * * * * * *

Allison has been creating and performing in puppet shows since 1997, when she first stage managed a magical puppet show in Austin, Texas.

The puppets - their movements, their seemingly stoic expressions made manifest by the gentlest of body movements - made her laugh like few things before. Or since.

After that show, Allison started performing in as many productions as possible, and eventually joined Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theatre to travel the United States for a full year, to completely immerse herself in the art of the craft.  She came away from that year.... really strong!  Puppets can be very, very heavy!  But also more in love with the art of puppetry than ever. She and her composer friend Andrew Baron then set about to create a puppet operetta version of King Lear, and the fun cascaded therefrom.

Allison loves everything about puppets, and would love to create a show that will provide a memorable and original addition to your special occasion or event.

Anything is possible with puppets!